Opening Remarks

Yesterday afternoon, I was meeting with a client and caught myself in a re-run.  Of course, for the client, the information was new and shiny, but it occurred to me (after the fact) that I had given this same explanation, in basically the same words, about three dozen times.  No case is ever the same as another, but they frequently rhyme.

So, as a frequent “explainer of legal things” and occasional blogger, it occurred to me that maybe I should blog about the law.  Specifically, about consumer debt law, my area of focus.  If you read my other blogs, you will correctly predict that I will stray off-topic from time to time when the mood strikes me, but I plan to stick with this focus because of how important it is that people get actual information about debt, the law, and how one can affect the other.

My particular pet peeve in legal information sites is when they are basically sales pitches attached to small nuggets of truthiness (hat tip, Stephen Colbert): this will not be that.  If you want to hire me, go to my firm’s web site.  While I might link to it and other sources from time to time, my purpose in blogging is not to drum up business, it is to share information and ideas.

Finally, please be aware that this information is just that: general information.  Don’t mistake it for legal advice.  Yes, I’m an attorney, but without actually knowing you and asking you six thousand questions, I can’t tell you what to do.  If you need legal help, talk to an attorney one-on-one.  You should never rely on legal information without double-checking with a local attorney, and since the law changes and varies from time to time and place to place, this blog is no exception.

So, I hope you find this information useful, and I look forward to your questions and comments.



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